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i make art for the internet, please give me attention

lets make question

Hey, you've got some really lovely work, how the hell do you make such mental patterns and stuff going on? I know a bit of processing and basis glitch stuff but certainly not as full on as yourself!

There’s actually no ‘glitching’ to it. I use Paint.net and some of the tools there (anything under Blur or Distort, Auto-Level, Contrast/Brightness, Curves, Hue/saturation, Posterize, any Layers tool [especially Rotate/Zoom], Gradient, Magic Wand, layers + blending modes). I could go into some ‘techniques’ that I’ve developed, but it would be just as easy (and vastly more satisfying) for people interested in doing stuff like this to devise their own ways of doing stuff.

A big part of it is trying to figure out how things probably weren’t designed to be used, or where they’re somewhat imperfect, and then doing that repeatedly. I’m not quite sure how I would categorize it, honestly, which is why I’m not only tagging it as “digital art”.

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